About Us

Our purpose:

To deliver quality and create value as a trusted corporate business partner to enable our clients to focus on their core business.

Our values:

  • Client Centric
  • Collaborative
  • Credible
  • Consistent
  • Controlled

These values are underpinned by the shared values of the APS – Impartial, Committed, Accountable, Respectful and Ethical.

Our objectives are to:

  • Serve our customers through the delivery of better-practice shared services.
  • Optimise and simplify our processes to deliver the highest possible returns to our customers.
  • Sustain our service by delivering agreed results (service level and price).
  • Innovate our business through transition to a cloud service, to remove paper where possible, and by the adoption of automation options.
  • Assure our stakeholders of the conceptual validity, reliability and accuracy of SDO's key controls.
  • Govern our work to manage risk, to provide for transparency in decision-making, and to deliver against strategic, operational and tactical objectives.
  • Share ideas, lessons and failings with other Shared Services Hubs to progress the Government’ agenda.
  • Engage our workforce by building professional excellence and working through staff ideas/solution to challenges faced.
  • Build our ability to scale and expand.
  • Maximise self-service and intuitive tools.