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The Service Delivery Office (SDO) is one of the providers of shared services for Australian Government departments and agencies. The SDO provides corporate transactional and technical services to clients.

These services include pay and conditions, payroll administration, accounts payable, accounts receivable, international travel, credit cards and HUB solutions known as value streams under shared services delivery external link.

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SDO Executive 


Photo of Tracey Caroll

Tracey Carroll


First Assistant Secretary
Shared Services Transformation Program Office
Business Enabling Services
Department of Finance


Photo of Michelle Black

Michelle Black


Assistant Secretary
Client, Strategy & Enablement
Service Delivery Office
Business Enabling Services
Department of Finance


Photo of Helen Martin

Helen Martin


Assistant Secretary
Operations & Service Management
Service Delivery Office
Business Enabling Services
Department of Finance


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The SDO is an organisational unit within the Department of Finance. The SDO’s internal governance arrangements are designed to enable effective strategic planning, decision making, risk and control management and optimise operational performance.

The SDO leverages Department of Finance existing and established overarching governance arrangements, including its structures, systems and processes. 

The SDO governance structure includes the following bodies:

  • SDO Client Committee provides strategic advice on planning and investment decisions to the Finance Executive Board and operational advice on improvements to systems, services and quality and performance standards, including advice on client impacts from SDO operations to the SDO Management Committee. The focus being on the medium- to long-term with the aim to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Service Delivery Office (SDO).
  • SDO Management Committee operates within the SDO at the operational governance level. As part of its prescribed responsibilities it is required to identify risks facing the SDO and it clients and consider how to manage these risks, and monitor the internal controls environment.
  • SDO Bi-laterals operate with clients at the tactical governance level.
  • SDO Functional Working Groups facilitate a strong relationship between SDO Subject Matter Experts (SME) and Client SMEs, in relation to the management of HR/payroll and financial operations provided by the SDO.